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About Totally Committed Retreats

An Unforgettable Experience

Be one of only five couples on an unparalleled adventure in a majestic setting! Over the years, Dave and Ramona have invited well over a hundred couples to their private retreat, a beautiful log cabin overlooking Bear Lake that has a master suite for each couple. Be the next couple to discover and apply the principles that can make a good marriage a great one--turning a relationship into a partnership.

Dave calls the Total Commitment Retreats "a labor of love," and his "favorite coaching activity." He goes on to say, "For the women, their favorite discoveries often come while watching Ramona live life."

We often find ourselves serving what the world would call "Power Couples." Often these couples dismiss our initial invitation because things are good enough and they don't need "marriage counseling" or "couples therapy." Each has discovered that experiencing life and relationships at this level is so much different than expected.

It would take a novel to describe the impact these experiences have had on all of the participants. We have seen countless relationships go from good to great, distant to honoring, tired to tender.

Marriage Counseling can be a great way to identify and process problems in an attempt to figure out what or who needs to change or be fixed. However, couples coaching and the Totally Commitment Retreats are based on the tools and principles you will want to have to turn your relationship into a partnership. Total Commitment fosters absolute trust and the ultimate expression of trust is intimacy. Is it time to strengthen these three equally important pillars in your marriage?

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Totally Committed Retreats

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